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Study Habits

Knowing yourself

We are all different – God has given us unique personalities, abilities, and life situations. This means each of us will find different study methods helpful. You will need to work out what works best for you. It is helpful to be aware of the following when you are planning your study time.

Learning styles

There are three different learning styles, each of us will often prefer one over the others.

  • Visual: learn by looking
  • Auditory: learn by hearing or listening
  • Kinaesthetic : learn by touching and doing

Try to identify your preferred learning style so that you can find techniques to help you study. If you don’t know what your learning style is try this quiz from Matrix Education.

Peak study time

When do you study best? Everyone will answer this question differently, for some it will be the morning, others in the evening. Try to do the most challenging tasks at your peak time, this will help you focus and get the work done. Save less challenging tasks for times when you are not functioning at peak.

Study space

Where do you study best? For some it may be at college in the library, for others it could be at home. You need to work out what is best for you. A study space should help you be comfortable and focus on what needs to get done. Your study space does not have to stay the same, if it stops working for you try a new space.

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