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Study Habits

Managing your time

Time is limited and easy to waste without proper management. Try these tips to manage your time better:

Write a to do list and prioritise
  1. Write down everything that needs to be done
  2. Break down large tasks into smaller achievable tasks
    • Start Church History Assignment, for example, is probably too broad instead write down specific goals like read assignment question and brainstorm topic or look at course reserve books on the topic, etc.
  3. Work out which tasks are a priority
    • Most important task (MITs): Identify 2 or 3 most important tasks for the day or study session and focus on getting these done first.
    • Priority matrix: Below is an example of what a priority matrix can look like. Fit all your tasks into the following quadrants to help you work out what you should focus on.
Avoid multitasking

Multitasking may give the impression of achieving a lot all at once but in reality you are not focusing on the task you need to do. Just do one task at a time to improve your concentration.

Minimise distractions

What distracts you when you try to focus on study? Try to study in a way that minimises your access to distractions. Some of the following suggestions may help:

  • Study at college instead of home
  • If studying at home, study in a space away from distractions
  • Turn off notification on your phone, try aeroplane mode or even put your phone in another room or out of arms reach
  • Delete social media or other time-wasting bookmarks from your internet browser
Pomodoro Technique

This study technique recommends breaking down study time into intervals and breaks to help you focus.


You don’t have to study by yourself, you’re in a community at Trinity. Study together and keep each other accountable.

Time Audit

Where does my time go? If you are asking this question, maybe try doing a time audit. Record what you do each day for a week to see what you are spending your time on. Use this to evaluate how you are using your time and to identify what changes you could make.

There are many apps or templates you could use to do this, Google ‘time audit’ and find something that will work for you.

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