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Writing an assignment
Computer software

Recommended programmes for use at Trinity include the following:

Word processing software—as a student, you can sign up for a local copy of Microsoft Office ($43.20/year); alternatively either the free LibreOffice or Google Docs will work with Zotero.

Zotero—for bibliographies and documentation (see the guide under Referencing); EndNote or Citavi can also be used, although they are more complex.

Bible software—either Accordance or Logos; further information on Bible software will be given within the LA006 unit, or speak to Dan Cole.

Computer security

Computers are wonderful when they work, but all sorts of problems can result in loss of data. It is therefore recommended that you keep at least three copies of your work, and more for anything particularly important:

  1. On your computer.
  2. An electronic copy kept somewhere else, e.g. on a file syncing service (e.g. Dropbox or OneDrive) or external storage (e.g. a USB stick).
  3. A paper copy.

Microsoft OneDrive has the big advantage that it auto-saves as you type within Word; you can also access these files from any computer using Office 365 online. It will also synchronise your files with another computer and even keeps copies of the files that you delete. Similar services are offered by Google (Google Drive), Dropbox, and Box.

Further helpful resources for writing assignments are as follows:

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